Hair treatments

Healthy hair is beautiful hair and we always believe condition is an essential part of the process at Jo Hansford. As healthy and well-conditioned hair provides the foundation to perfect colour and styling, we offer a range of hair treatments at our Mayfair and Harvey Nichols salons.

We provide a wide range of hair treatments, some of which offer instantaneous results to moisturise, repair and ensure the ultimate shine.

We offer Kerastase Fusio Dose,Metal Detox and Olaplex in London’s heart across our salons, delivered by experienced hair professionals with minute attention to detail.

metal detox

Metal particles accumulate inside the hair strand due to water exposure. In turn, this negatively impacts colour vitality and enhances the risk of hair breakage during colour services. Not to worry though, L’Oreal Professionnel has developed a 3-step solution to pro-guarantee your colour, balayage or lightening services.



The role of this product is to protect the hair before the colouring service by neutralising the metals inside the hair fibre. The treatment’s and its technology will penetrate inside the hair strand prior to the colouring service , creating a more even and long lasting colour result!



This shampoo is an excellent option for colour treated hair. After a colouring service, this product will help to detoxify the hair from any hair metals, giving you 87% less breakage and aid in prolonging colour results. The scientifically crafted forumula transforms into a concentrated foam to gently cleanse the hair and remove the accumulation of metals. It can be used as a part of the mental detox protocol, in the salon or at home.

Metal Detox



This is the last step of the metal detox hair protocol, it can also be used at home. When in use, the mask and its creamy texture work as a protector against new metals coming back into the hair - ultimately reducing the loss of colour and breakage. The mask can be used at home after shampoo application - when used in combination you can expect incredibly soft and shiny hair!

In-salon treatment price

Pre-colour treatment- £15

Pre-colour treatment with mask - £30


OLAPLEX in-salon treatments are the most intense bond-building treatments available.

What is Olaplex?

All hair types (natural, curly, fine, straight, etc.) derive most of their integrity from healthy, properly paired, disulfide bonds. When hair is damaged via thermal, chemical, mechanical or environmental factors, these disulfide bonds are broken apart resulting in single sulfur hydrogen bonds.

The results are incredible, leaving you with strong, shiny and healthy hair.

Who is Olaplex for?

OLAPLEX is beneficial for all hair types. Whether your hair is Colour Treated, Texture Treated, Virgin or anything in between, it is damaged on a daily basis. OLAPLEX assists in both preventing further damage and repairing current damage.

When applied to the hair by a salon professional, the highly concentrated formulas help penetrate the hair deeper, which means more repair for your hair.

In-salon treatment £50


Kerastase Fusio-Dose is a salon exclusive treatment that is packed with active ingredients, leaving you with healthy, hydrated hair within minutes making it the perfect add on to any service.

What is a Kerastase fusio-dose treatment?

Depending on your hair's primary and secondary needs a booster and concentrated are prescribed for you by the salon professional to create the ultimate treatment tailored to your hairs needs.

With over 20 combinations available, there's something for everyone and every hair type.

Inspired by skincare treatments, Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatment provides the hair with a shot of nutrients that boosts your hair health and provides instant shine.

In-salon treatment £30