Healthy hair is beautiful hair and we always believe condition is an essential part of the process at Jo Hansford. As healthy and well-conditioned hair provides the foundation to perfect colour and styling, we offer a range of hair treatments at our Mayfair and Harvey Nichols salons.

We provide a wide range of hair treatments, some of which offer instantaneous results to moisturise, repair and ensure the ultimate shine.

We offer Kerastase Fusio Dose, and Olaplex in London’s heart across our salons, delivered by experienced hair professionals with minute attention to detail.

Our Olaplex treatment strengthens and repairs hair follicles on a molecular level, ensuring healthy, strong, and shiny hair, perfect for styling, colouring, and achieving your desired look.

Inspired by skincare treatments, Kerastase Fusion Dose treatment provides the hair with a shot of nutrients that boosts your hair health and provides instant shine.

For further information, please get in touch or book a hair treatment appointment in Mayfair or at our hair spa in Knightsbridge.


Olaplex £50

Fusio-Dose £30