Keratin Blow Dry and Hair botox Treatments

Keratin treatment

Our Keratin treatments blow dry services in London are fantastic for minimising frizz, smoothing the cuticle and increasing shine, and can be used to straighten hair or enhance your natural curls.

They can also speed up the blow drying process and results can last up to 4 months depending on your hair. As keratin is an essential hair protein, it is hugely beneficial and non-damaging which leads to beautiful, luscious locks.

We design our keratin treatments to be bespoke around
you and your hair, so you can have as little or as much of your hair treated as you desire. Our hair treatment specialists all work with minute attention to detail and work with each client individually to ensure the results leave you looking and feeling sensational.

Hair Botox

Hair botox is a restorative and smoothing treatment designed to be the ultimate reset for your hair and work immediately on repairing damaged hair fibres.

Cavier Oil, Vitamin B5, Collagen Complex, Hyaluronic and amino acids are a few of the key ingredients in Hair Botox which when combined work together to create the ultimate superfood for your hair. Filling the hair strands the ingredients work to repair the hair from within, making it the ultimate re-boost for your locks.

The treatment is suitable for all hair types and the result is visible and tangible for three to four months.

Hair botox exclusively available with Ansha at Jo Hansford Mayfair

What is the difference between Hair Botox and Keratin Treatments?

The main difference between the two treatments is that the keratin treatment is for straightening and fully eliminating frizz designed for people who like very straight hair with a significant reduction of volume. Hair botox on the other hand is for restoring, nourshing and taming frizz for anyone who's hair is very damaged, over-processed, thin in structure and in need of deep restoration.  

For further information, please get in touch or book an appointment at our hair spa for one of the top keratin treatments in London.


Keratin Blow Dry Treatments from £350

Hair Botox treatment from £350