Winter can be very challenging for our hair due to the external weather conditions and often being inside more often with artificial heating. Our hair can end up fragile and dry and breakages can occur. The most important thing you can do to help protect it during this time, is to ensure it is moisturised as much as possible.

Most women use a conditioner every time they shampoo their hair and add in a mask to their routine on occasion. However, in winter it is advisable to use a mask every other time you wash it to get the maximum benefit.

Conditioners are very effective but they sit on the surface of the hair whereas masques actually penetrate the hair cuticle to provide more moisture and repair.

The Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Intensive Masque, has been created to be lightweight but intensive, so it can be used regularly on all hair types whether curly, thick or fine, but it will not overload it and leave the hair flat or flyaway.

The best time to apply a masque is when your hair is damp after shampooing with one of the Jo Hansford Expert Colour Shampoos as this will help to open the cuticle for it to work. (It is advisable to always use products from the same range as they are designed to work together).


Apply the product to the mid lengths and ends of your hair as the scalp does not need it and be mindful that a small amount does go a long way. Divide your hair into smaller sections and apply the treatment to each part so it is evenly spread throughout the hair. The Jo Hansford Masque is designed to work instantaneously but for a more intensive treatment it can be left on for up to 10 minutes for greater effect if required. Ideally always add a final cold water rinse to your hair as this will aid the mask to work better and prevent the loss of natural oils being removed from your hair by hot temperatures.


We know that on average over 65% of the female population colour their hair regularly and the men’s sector is also increasing year on year. Many chose to visit salons and others opt to dye their hair at home. Whatever way you chose to colour your hair, you want to achieve the upmost results and for it to look as good as possible for as long as possible. To do this it is essential that you use the right products that are specifically created for colour treated hair such as The Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care range which is proven to keep hair colour-fast for an average of 30 times more than standard products. They also do not contain sulphates which strip both the colour and the natural oils from the hair vey quickly.

When using hair products it is more beneficial to use them from the same brand as they are generally designed to work in conjunction with each other to create the best results.

Always use heat protection when drying your hair with appliances and on days when you are not on show, try to let your hair dry naturally to restore it. Use masques as often as possible to protect the hair from any damage and give it the extra moisture it needs and finish the hair with a lightweight oil such as the Jo Hansford Illuminoil to keep the cuticle sealed and leaving it looking shiny and radiant.