The ultimate summer treatment, the Permanent Blow Dry will eliminate frizz leaving hair healthy and glossy for up to 3 months, making your hair routine as easy as wash and go! Suitable for all hair types, this in-salon treatment will infuse your hair with keratin, improving condition and giving your locks an ultra-healthy, super-sleek appearance.

Benefits: Frizz-free hair, high shine, improved condition, reduces blow dry time, helps to prevent split ends.

Maintenance: The treatment will last up to 3 months but using sodium free products such as Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care is essential

Cost: From £300.00

“And here’s the best benefit of all. Four days after the appointment, I washed my hair and left it to dry naturally. It dried straight, even the wispy layers that usually turn into frizzbombs. I feel much more confident about being able to grow my hair nice and long and I’m happier about the condition of my hair already.” The Evening Standard

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