Jo Hansford

Jo Hansford at Harvey Nichols: The ultimate Knightsbridge Hair Salon

In the heart of the London neighbourhood of Knightsbridge, the doors to the second Jo Hansford salon opened in November 2021 offering a welcoming atmosphere in an exclusive location. As expected from the name known as the leading global authority in hair colouring, our Knightsbridge hair salon is home to the capital's top colourists and stylists. 

Jo Hansford Knightsbridge Salon interior

About the Knightsbridge Hair Salon

Our salon is situated on the fourth floor of the luxury department store and London landmark, Harvey Nichols. Pioneering cutting-edge fashion and delivering luxury services since its inception in 1831, the flagship Harvey Nichols store was the perfect choice for establishing our first-class salon services in another district of the capital.

Nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, the Harvey Nichols salon is a luminous, spacious, and airy setting meticulously designed to provide ultimate comfort and a luxurious experience. Similar to our flagship Mayfair salon, every detail has been carefully curated to ensure your complete comfort.

Jo Hansford Knightsbridge salon team

About our Knightsbridge Team

Our Knightsbridge hair salon is led by our salon manager, Sinead. She is passionate about providing a flawless client experience and delivering only the highest level of customer care. You can expect a warm welcome from Sinead upon your arrival.

As you would expect from a name renowned for our excellence in hair colouring, our Knightsbridge hair salon boasts a strong team of colourists offering a spectrum of services, from classic highlights to cutting-edge colour techniques. With a collective experience of over 130 years in colouring, there isn’t anything the Harvey Nichols team don’t know about colour. Providing expert advice, showcasing world-class creativity, and delivering impeccable results, our team ensures each client leaves with a show-stopping look.

Undoubtedly, the styling team forms the cornerstone of any leading hair salon. At our Knightsbridge location, our stylists boast a wealth of experience including editorial work for renowned publications, contributions to film premieres and collaborations with beauty advertising campaigns. Their rich background of achievements brings expert knowledge to our salon floor, guaranteeing a VIP treatment for every client.

Client with colourist at Jo Hansford Knightsbridge hair salon

Behind the Scenes

At our Knightsbridge hair salon, the behind-the-scenes ethos revolves around more than just styling; it's a commitment to sustainability and altruism. Sustainability is ingrained in our daily practices, evident in our eco-saving taps and partnership with the Green Salon Collective to ensure maximum recycling within the salon. We are proud to transform our hair clippings into booms deployed along shorelines to halt the spread of oil spills—a small yet impactful contribution to environmental preservation. Another initiative we are delighted to support is a scheme which means leftover hair finds a new purpose in the hands of farmers, enriching their compost with its protein and nitrogen content, fostering healthier plant growth. Recycling isn't limited to hair; we conscientiously recycle all our foil too. 
Beyond sustainability, philanthropy is a cornerstone of our salon culture. The team passionately supports charitable initiatives such as the 'Little Princess Trust,' Teenage Cancer Trust, The Big Breakfast, Macmillan, and Pancreatic Cancer Research Charity. It's not just about styling hair; it's about weaving together a fabric of care, responsibility, and compassion behind the scenes.
Jo Hansford Knightsbridge hair salon

The Services We Offer

Our hair salon offers an array of comprehensive services catering to diverse hair care needs. Our consultations serve as the cornerstone, where our experienced professionals engage in in-depth discussions, understanding individual preferences, and providing personalised recommendations for the perfect hairstyle.  

We also offer hair extension services for those seeking volume, length, or texture whilst our straightening, anti-frizz, and curl-enhancing treatments are tailored to achieve sleek, smooth, or beautifully defined curls. Additionally, our diverse range of hair treatments aims to rejuvenate, nourish, and restore the health of your hair, leaving your hair with vitality and shine

Hair created by Knightsbridge hair salon team