As much as we love this time of year; sun, salt and chlorine can play havoc with our hair. So despite many of us not being able to fly to hotter climates this year, we’re keeping everything crossed for a nice warm UK Summer with plenty of sunshine.

This week, we caught up with Jo to get her top tips to help ‘summer-proof’ your hair (and colour) over the next few months…and this is what she had to share:

1. PLAN AHEAD: Try not to colour your hair immediately before a summer break, as the sun will always fade your colour. On average roots will need tinting every six weeks so I always recommend coming in two to three weeks before your holiday and then your roots will be ready for a touch up on your return.

2. GREAT CONDITION GOES A LONG WAY: It is important that you get your hair into excellent condition before spending prolonged periods in the sun – as this will help prevent damage. Try to keep your hair hydrated to counteract the drying that is likely to occur when away. The Jo Hansford Intensive Masque is the perfect way to boost moisture levels, use twice a week before you go away and you will see the condition of your hair improve.


3. PROTECT IT FROM DAMAGE: Always think about protecting your hair in the same way that you would your skin. The sun can be hugely drying and the damage can take a long time to reverse when you get back so always keep your hair covered whilst sunbathing or swimming. Use products containing UV filters to provide a layer of protection from the sun.

4. AVOID ‘GREEN HAIR’: Chlorine can be known to give blonde hair a nasty green tinge if the hair is not washed after continuous swimming. Make sure you shampoo your hair after a dip in the pool and wear a swimming cap when possible. If you do experience a ‘green tinge’ after swimming, wash your hair – and on the final rinse, mix 12 aspirin in warm water and rinse through your hair – this will turn your hair back to blonde again! Alternatively, Tomato Ketchup works in the same way!

5. KEEP IT HYDRATED: Sunshine and salt water both have a severe drying effect on the hair. Dry hair is more likely to fade, so keep your hair hydrated whilst you are sunbathing. The sun is particularly harsh on highlighted and bleached hair, as unlike tinted hair, a bleached hair cuticle has already been stripped and therefore is more porous.

6. TREATMENT: If you find your hair colour has lifted whilst in the sun, pop into the salon on your return, for a vegetable colour or semi permanent gloss treatment. These treatments can be tailored to your individual needs and matched to tone your hair down and keep you going before you are due to have your roots done.

7. KEEP YOUR STYLE SIMPLE: Keep your holiday style simple – go with the flow of the style or cut, do not worry about a stray wave or curl! Use Jo Hansford Illuminoil™ to accentuate your natural movement. The humidity will always make your hair curl. Oils are a great product for summer when you’re hair is at high risk of getting frazzled and tangled on the beach, simply smooth on hair oil and you’ll get smoother, sleeker hair in seconds! They are also great for soothing your scalp if you have been exposed to too much sun. Plaits and braids are the perfect holiday style. If you don’t want to blow dry your hair whilst you are away, apply a leave-in conditioner and plait your hair when it is wet for your first style. You can then take the plait down the following day to leave you with fabulous beachy waves!

8. LIMIT DAMAGE: In order to limit the damage caused by summer exposure, the best thing you can do is cover the hair with a hat or a headscarf. For an intensive on holiday treatment, I like to apply my Treatment Masque to my hair whilst out in the sun and wrap my hair in a headscarf – the warmth from the sun helps to activate the ingredients in the masque for a deep conditioning treatment

9. TRAVEL LIGHT: To save carrying full sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner or masques when you go away – invest in a few travel sized products from your favourite brand. The Jo Hansford expert colour care luxury travel sizes will last you for around 2 weeks and will ensure your hair is well cared for and nourished.