Just a few weeks to go before you can visit your favourite hair salon once more (take a deep breath!) So to help get you through until that long-awaited appointment, here are a few fabulous hair tips from the team.

FIGHT THE FRIZZ: If you have frizzy hair, it is always advisable to carry travel sized gel and / or serum in your handbag (and wear a hood!) If your hair turns frizzy after being caught in the rain, mix the same amount of gel and serum together in the palm of your hand and pat sparingly over your hair. Run your hands through your hair very lightly. Try Jo Hansford Illuminoil to de-frizz and a gel to re-set your hair.

A BLOW DRY THAT LASTS: To make a salon blow dry last longer put your hair into a bun right at the front of your head – as close to hair line on forehead as possible before you go to bed at night. When you take your hair down the following morning your hair will retain the great blow dry shape whilst giving you great volume around the crown of your head.


AVOID GREEN SWIM HAIR! If you have blonde hair that goes green after excessive swimming, apply tomato ketchup liberally through the green areas before conditioning to return your hair to its correct colour. Another option is to wash your hair and on the final rinse, mix 12 aspirins in warm water and rinse through your hair – this will turn your hair back to blonde again!

HANDLE WITH CARE: Do not wash your hair excessively as this can strip it of its natural oils and dry it out– if your hair doesn’t need a full wash – you should ‘dry clean your roots’ using a dry shampoo or just wash your fringe and put the rest of your hair up, to get it through another day

PREVENT STAINING: If you often stain your hairline when colouring your hair at home, apply Vaseline sparingly around your hairline before applying colour.

PROTECT: Use a masque on your hair such as the Jo Hansford Intensive Masque while swimming – this will protect your colour from the intense reflection of the sun on the water.

USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS: Always use a colour specific shampoo and conditioner – such as the Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care range – as many products can strip your colour if they contain ingredients such as SLS.

HIDE THOSE GREYS: If you have a few greys hair and need a quick fix for a night out, use mascara or eye shadow powder to blend them.

ADDING VOLUME: To add volume to curly hair, after adding product, hold your head upside down and blow dry your hair using a diffuser. This will add volume and keep the curls without turning your hair frizzy. To add volume to straight hair, start by rough drying your hair upside down and then dry in sections using a round brush to add volume at the roots. Velcro rollers are also an easy way to add volume.