Frizzy hair is a huge concern for many people, especially with our inconsistent weather, we all know what April showers are like in the UK. Frizzy hair occurs when the cuticle layer on the hair is raised due to lack of moisture and damage. For most people it is a real bugbear and can leave hair looking messy, untidy and unpolished.


There are some ways you can try and combat the dreaded frizz yourself, such as giving your hair a rinse in cool water at the end of washing your hair. This will close the cuticles and retain moisture in your hair.

Try to use less heat on the hair when drying and styling, as these can strip the natural oils from your hair, creating more damage and dryness, thus more frizz!

Always use anti frizz products such as Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Anti frizz shampoo and conditioner when washing and apply Illuminoil to the mid lengths and ends after drying, to smooth the cuticle and create shine.

It is important to get regular haircuts to avoid split ends and another option is to use micro fibre towels. Abrasive towels can draw moisture out of your quickly and roughen the cuticles of the hair. If you are happy to spend some money then it’s worth purchasing silk pillowcases as these reduce the amount of friction on your hair which cause cuticles to raise and hair to look frizzy.

Also apply regular treatments and use oils where possible to keep the hair in ultimate condition, such as Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Intensive Masque. Our hair cuticles rise to seek moisture in the air and therefore if it has enough moisture it lessens this occurrence.


Keratin hair treatments have grown in demand over the last ten years and have become hugely popular, but some clients are still confused as to how they work and their benefits. There are now several manufacturers which produce these products and at Jo Hansford we use products best suited to your hair type. Some are very intensive and work especially well on repairing damaged hair as well as reducing frizz – and others work better on finer, or thicker hair types.

The treatments work to reduce frizz by penetrating the cuticle and smoothing it out, so the hair is less porous and more moisturised. Keratins are brilliant for holidays as they reduce the time it takes to dry your hair, as well as stopping the humidity. The beauty of this treatment is that it can be completely tailored to deal with specific areas such as a frizzy hairline or the back and underneath of the hair – but leaving out the areas that are not as prone to frizz, plus it does not contain chemicals.

The effects can last from 6 weeks to 3 months depending on how frequently you wash your hair – as the treatment fades out rather than growing out and it improves the overall quality of your hair over time…especially as you will also be using less heated tools for drying. Hair is left looking radiant, healthy and shiny post-treatment and in incredible condition.


Ideally you should have the treatment applied 3 days after having a colour on your hair as it can lift the tint slightly. When having the treatment in salon, be aware that you need to leave it on your hair for 3 days before washing it out and you should not put your hair up or behind your ears during this timeframe, as it could leave a kink in the hair.

You should always use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners afterwards such as the Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care range – as the sulphates in other products will strip the treatment out more quickly.


We would always recommend an initial consultation with the stylist before booking to discuss the clients requirements and to ensure we can create a bespoke service. The treatment can take from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your individual requirements and the cost is from £150.