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Bridal Hair Trends Q and A 2024 from Jo Hansford

Planning the perfect bridal look involves countless details, but few are as crucial as the hair. Whether you're dreaming of a timeless updo or romantic waves, your hair sets the tone for your wedding day ensemble. To help you navigate the latest bridal hair trends, we sat down with two industry experts: Frankie Moody, Senior Stylist, and Victoria Phillips, Senior Colourist from the Jo Hansford Mayfair salon. In this Q&A, they share their insights on what’s hot in bridal hair, how to choose the perfect style and colour, and tips for ensuring your locks look flawless from the ceremony to the last dance.

What are the key trends in Bridal hair colour in 2024?
We find that for weddings brides prefer natural, soft, timeless, and classic hair colours.

How far in advance should a bride start her hair colour journey before the wedding day?
We would always recommend starting your colour journey at least 6-12 months prior to your wedding as this gives you time to plan your journey of how you want your hair to look on the big day and counteract any prior hair disasters.

What makes Jo Hansford Salons the go-to destination for bridal hair transformations?

We create bespoke colour which we tailor to each individual client working with growth patterns and how the hair will be styled on the day. All our colourists and stylists are experts in their field and focus on caring for the condition of the hair when working with it. Ensuring it looks as healthy and shiny as it can takes time, as well as working towards the end result. We want it to look fabulous for all the events pre wedding as well as for the honeymoon and the future afterwards!

Can you share some tips for maintaining vibrant hair colour in the lead-up to the wedding?
We would always recommend regular hair treatments, salon professional home care products alongside regular appointments to keep your hair colour fresh and maintained including glosses and toners to enhance shine.

 How does the team at Jo Hansford tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each bride?

Consultation is key to providing a unique experience for each bride, we like to analyse every aspect of the day from the dress, venue, type of wedding (example outdoors, church), how they normally wear their hair (do they normally wear it up or down). We always advise to try not to do anything too drastic so that you still feel like yourself on the day and not like you are looking at a stranger! The pictures will (hopefully) be looked at for your lifetime so you always want to feel
they reflect you and that you recognise yourself. If you fancy a big change in advance, then give yourself time to adjust to this so that if you feel you have made a mistake you can make changes as necessary.

Could you tell us about some memorable bridal transformations you’ve done at the salon?
A bride had flown out to Greece for her wedding, her extensions turned pink (due to a few different factors – chlorine and suntan cream reacting with hair and causing chemical damage). She quickly flew back to have the colour corrected in salon.
We also looked after Melanie Griffiths many years ago when she was marrying Antonio Banderas. It was a secret wedding, and she needed her hair colour tweaking and a blow dry, we had no idea we were looking after her for her big day until we saw the published pictures afterwards.