As we start the New Year, Jo Hansford salon, the experts in colour and styling share their latest trends for the first half of the year. 


There is growing demand for heavy highlights around the front of the hair which is becoming known as ‘The Money Piece’.  This is created using a mix of weaving and slicing back-to-back pieces for at least a cm to an inch at the front of the hair. It can be used on any hair colour and adapted to the desired shade.


We are also seeing a move away from balyage to more traditional highlights but with a smudged root called a ‘Root Shadow’. 
A root shadow can be done on any colour hair.  The idea is that your hair looks less done. For example with highlights coming from your root, most people tend not to like how defined they are from the root so using a root shadow simply blurs the root away so it looks softer, and also make the grow out easier so there is less of a hash line. This can be done on any colour hair.
We love using this technique as we often find clients say they prefer their hair after a week, once the colour settles and doesn’t look so stark, so this is a great way to achieve that look without waiting.

When coming into the salon you will need to ask for a root smudge, this may require a skin test so consult your colourist before hand 


For the more daring clients, we are also picturing dark hair being emboldened by halos of a multitude of shades and tones such as reds, pinks, blues and yellows, orange, greys and white. This colour trend can also be done without fashion colours using more defined lighter sections.


We are seeing a move towards warmer colours.  This involves an adjustment to a client’s usual colour formulas where, instead of trying to counteract the warmth, we add to it.

It can strictly speaking be done on all hair types, but obviously with changing the tone of your hair we will advise a client on areas such as whether the ‘warmth’ compliments their skin tone, eye colour etc. 

The salon team advises clients to flag that they are thinking of doing something slightly different, so that its colourist can do a consultation on potential changes to hair colour. 


2022 is all about fringes! Whether grown out curtain bangs or short and sharp, fringes are big.

A fringe can suit anyone, but different styles are better suited to different face shapes. If you have a round face opt for longer side sweeping fringes, heavy fringes suit those with long faces, heart shaped faces suit softer/whispier/curtain fringes, oval faces suit any style.

When thinking about a fringe, Jo Hansford salon suggests clients consider three main factors:
1.  Maintenance (how often it will need cutting).
2. Styling: how easy it is for a client to style it on a day-to-day basis . 
3. Will it suit a client’s lifestyle? The consultation is an important part in this process.